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Peter Conomos

Resident reflects on learning and care

10 Mar 2021


For Peter Conomos, caring for patients is a privilege. As a Nepean Hospital resident, he’s in a position to touch the lives of many.

“It’s an honour to be with people and families and aid them when they’re at some of the worst points in their life,” says Peter.

Currently in his second year training at Nepean, Peter says that taking a moment to reflect and empathise with the patients he cares for has been a powerful practice.

In looking back at his career so far, Peter talks about the experiences and the learning opportunities that have changed him personally and professionally.

“I’m a lot more patient and I’ve also become a lot calmer. With each patient you see, there are more and more complex issues, more difficult and more acute things so the benchmark and threshold keeps getting higher for what concerns you,” says Peter.

Peter says the training on offer for interns and residents at Nepean Hospital is incredibly valuable. The pace and activity means there are plenty of learning opportunities available.

“Nepean’s a really good place to be a doctor in training,” he says.

“Having good support is the best way to learn. The senior staff are always keen to teach and promote learning. That’s inspiring and encouraging and one of the best positions you could be in as a junior,” says Peter.