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Nepean Research Day 2019 Katy Ellenberger wth student

A student joins a demonstration of echo anatomy

Talkin’ ‘bout the next generation

27 Sep 2019


The glimpse into the future at this year’s Nepean Research Day wasn’t just the extraordinary research underway in our Local Health District. Joining 150 of our staff in the audience at the one-day conference were 34 local high students - the next generation of doctors, nurses, clinicians and researchers.

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District works closely with local high schools to encourage students to consider future study and careers in healthcare, medical research and science.

Students from Bede Polding College, Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park High, McCarthy Catholic College, Penrith Christian School, St Bishoy College and St Dominic’s College heard presentations on research projects and clinical trials.

At interactive hubs students talked with our leading clinicians and researchers about their own journeys through university study, working in a large hospital and doing research.

Students also took control of sophisticated medical instruments to get firsthand experience of the latest diagnostic tools.

Year 10 student Imogen Rogers from Penrith Christian School performed a transesophageal echocardiogram on a lifelike, high tech, clinical manikin.

Under the instruction of Dr Sam Orde from Nepean Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Imogen successfully ‘checked’ the manikin’s heart using high frequency sound waves.

Nepean Research Day 2019

Imogen performs a transesophageal echocardiogram in front of her classmates

“It was a bit scary putting a tube down someone’s throat,” says Imogen. “But it was amazing to see the scan just as a doctor would with a real patient.”

Imogen says she has always been fascinated by the world around her.

“It’s so cool to learn how things work. The human body is so perfectly designed.”

She says the Nepean Research Day presentations and talking to clinicians gave her a better idea of what lies ahead and science is definitely in Imogen’s future.

Right now Imogen thinks her future could be in cancer research, but the Nepean Research has already opened her mind to other possibilities.

NBMLHD leads several school engagement programs including Health Inspirations which offers work experience and immersive education days at Nepean Hospital for high school students.

The schools-based programs complement our well-establish undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and clinical training programs for doctors, nurses and allied health clinicians.