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The best present this Christmas

18 Dec 2018


For new parents Helen and Tristan the best Christmas present this year wasn’t under the tree, it was the day they could finally take baby Tylen home after 97 days in Nepean Hospital.

Born at 25 weeks, Tylen was admitted to the Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for specialised treatment.

Due to health complications shortly after giving birth, Helen was unable to express breast milk for young Tylen.

“My health went downhill quite quickly and I needed the best option for myself and Tylen,” says Helen.

NICU staff suggested donor breast milk as an alternative to formula to help Tylen have the best start to life.

 “Switching to donor milk allowed him to put on more weight and grow much faster.

“I’m extremely grateful to the wonderful women out there who go out of their way to donate milk. It is a small act of kindness but it makes a huge difference. You are honestly amazing,” says Helen.

Nepean Hospital was the first hospital in the state to receive supply of donor breast milk from a newly announced NSW donor human milk bank.

Jointly operated by NSW Health and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, the milk bank will give premature babies a better chance to fight off life threatening disease.

Nepean’s NICU is one of nine across the state benefiting from a newly the announced service.