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Nepean Hospital gastroenterology staff and representatives of Wallacia Country Club with the portable ultrasound machine.

Tiny device, big impact

20 Aug 2020


It may be tiny, but this portable ultrasound machine costs around $9,000 and is already making a big difference to both patient experience and efficiency on Nepean Hospital’s gastroenterology ward.

Purchased with a generous donation from the Wallacia Country Club, the highly portable and versatile device is of outstanding quality and equipped with the latest features.

It connects easily to a tablet, allowing an ultrasound to be performed with speed and flexibility, often avoiding the need to wait for formal radiology services.

The Philips Lumify C5-2 is developed specifically for diagnostic use on the abdomen, enabling Nepean Hospital’s gastroenterology team to perform some procedures much earlier. This means that patients can spend less time in hospital, often avoiding overnight stays and freeing up hospital beds.


The Philips Lumify C5-2

It also enables junior doctors specialising in gastroenterology to gain experience using the machine, which is not commonly available at other facilities.

Head of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Nepean Hospital Professor Martin Weltman says that the device is an all-round improvement.

“It essentially converts a large, older machine - costing over $100,000 - into a more convenient and portable device”, says Professor Weltman. “We’re very grateful to have it and it’s already in high demand”.