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Family Metabolic Health Service

Nepean Blue Mountains Family Metabolic Health Service

Location and Contact

Facility: Nepean Clinical School (Charles Perkins Centre Nepean)

Address: Level 1, 62 Derby Street, Kingswood NSW 2747

Phone: 4734 4533

Fax: 4734 1920


Referral Criteria

Paediatric-  (Kids Fit 4 Future Clinic):

  • Age >2years but <16years + Obesity defined as >99th percentile (CDC BMI chart) = >120% of BMI of 95th centile (CDC BMI chart)

  • or >85th centile + obesity related comorbidity

Pregnancy (OPAL Clinic):

  • BMI >40 or >35 + Obesity related Comorbidity    

Adult (Healthy Weight Clinic):

  • As per Adult Healthy Weight Management Clinic referral form (see below)

How to Refer

Referrals can be sent to NBM Family Metabolic Health Service electronically via email, by fax or by post.

Referal Contact Details
02 4734 1920
Postal Address
Nepean Blue Mountains Family Metabolic Health Service
Level 5, South Block
Nepean Hospital
P.O. Box 63

Paediatrics: referral to Kids Fit 4 Future Clinic [PDF]

Adults: referral to Adult Healthy Weight Clinic [PDF]

Referral Requirements and Pre-diagnosis

  1. Referrals will not be accepted if they do not comply with Medicare regulations as outlined in the Medicare Benefits Schedule Book.
  2. Referrals are required to have supporting documentation of any medical conditions that meet criteria for entry into the service and be accomanied by an up-to-date and accurate medical summary and medication list.
  3. Referrals are not accepted if the patient does not meet the criteria outlined on the referral form. The patient will be informed if they do not meet the criteria in writing.

Clinic Days

Speciality Clinic Day(s) of Clinic Time(s) of Clinic 
Kids Fit 4 Future Thursday 8.00-4.00pm
OPAL Monday 8.00-4.00pm
  Tuesday 8.00-4.00pm
  Wednesday 8.00-4.00pm
  Pregnancy Hydrotherapy Monday 8.00-9.00am
  Healthy mums group program Mondays 10.00-12.00am
  Opal breastfeeding class second monthly 10.00-12.00am
Healthy Weight Clinic  Monday Adult Clinic 1.00pm-4.00pm
  Tuesday Adult Clinic 1.00pm-4.00pm
  Tuesday Adult Gym 7.30am and 2.30pm
  Tuesday Adult Hydrotherapy 10.30am and 11.00am
  Tuesday Groups (various) Between 9.30 - 4.00pm
  Wednesday Clinic 9.00am-4.00pm
  Thursday Adult Gym 7.30am and 2.30pm

Documents to be completed

Referral template and associated documentation if necessary.

Patient Information Brochures

Welcome to the Nepean Blue Mountains Metabolic Health Service [attachment - *coming soon*]

OPAL [attachment - *coming soon*]




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