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Virtual Aged Care Service (VACS)

Location and Contact

Facility: Nepean Hospital

Address: Level 1 North Block

Phone: 4734 1492 or 4734 1795

Fax: 4734 3933

Referral Criteria

Visits in the home and/or aged care facilities


>70yrs of age


>65yrs with multiple chronic and complex issues


>55yrs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

How to Refer

GP to write detailed referral letter

Referrals are to be faxed to clinic

Referrals are then triaged

The patient will either be called or sent a letter regarding appointment details

Family contact details need to be documented

Referral Requirements and Pre Diagnosis

NOK / Care contact number

Important to list level of urgency in the referral:

  • Low – Patient to be reviewed within 6 weeks
  • Medium – Patient to be reviewed within 4 weeks
  • High – Patient to reviewed within the next 2 weeks

Clinic Days

Speciality Clinic Day(s) of Clinic
Virtual Aged Care Service (VACS) Monday to Fiday




Friday, 21 July 2017 12:02:54 PM