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Rehabilitation Clinic

Location and Contact

Facility: Nepean Hospital

Address: Level 1 North Block

Phone: 4734 1492 or 4734 1795

Fax: 4734 3933

Referral Criteria


Lives within NBMLHD

Decreased function due to:

  • Orthopaedic – related conditions e.g. fractures, post joint replacements
  • Deconditioning – e.g. after medical (post pneumonia) and surgical (post abdominal surgery) conditions
  • Neurologic – e.g. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, GBS, MS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, motor neuron disease, polio
  • Spinal conditions – e.g. spinal cord injuries, compression, post-surgery

How to Refer

GP to write detailed referral letter

Referrals are to be faxed to clinic

Referrals are then triaged

The patient will either be called or sent a letter regarding appointment details

Patient and family contact details need to be documented

Referral Requirements and Pre Diagnosis

Recent pathology, imaging (CT scans, X-rays or MRI results)

List of current medications

Usual gait aids, prosthesis/orthotics

Clinic Days

Speciality Clinic Day(s) of Clinic






Friday, 21 July 2017 12:07:12 PM