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Women and Children’s Outpatient Clinic

The Women and Children’s Outpatient Department cares for women during their pregnancy journey. 

We recommend that you contact the hospital at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy to arrange for your first appointment for your antenatal care. At this visit we will complete a comprehensive assessment of your medical and obstetric history and discuss care options for your pregnancy.

We offer several options for antenatal care in pregnancy. These include GP shared care, Caseload Midwifery, Midwifery Group Practice, Obstetric Led Care and Midwifery Led Care with an option for outreach community midwife clinics. We offer some midwife clinics out of hours.

Other services available include counselling with a psychologist, mental health and drug & alcohol services for pregnant women. The Nepean Blue Mountains Obesity Service, which includes the OPAL Clinic for pregnant women, is also available. Woman attending the OPAL Clinic have access to a midwife, obstetrician, dietitian, physiotherapy and psychologists.

Location and Contact

Facility: Nepean Hospital

Address: Level 3 South Block

Phone: 4734 2373

Fax: 4734 3213


How to Refer

The referral letter must be addressed to one of our specialists or to one of the outpatient clinics listed.

Specialists available in this department are:

Clinic Clinician(s)
High Risk Antenatal Care  

Dr Steven Joung

Dr Olivia Byrnes 

Dr Vicki Chio

Dr Maylene Pineda

Low Risk Antenatal Care 

Dr Dheya Al Mashat            

Dr Glenn Blanchette

Dr Sarah Pixton

Dr Trupti Kanade 

Gynaecology & Colposcopy  

Dr Dheya Al Mashat

Dr Glenn Blanchette

Dr Nicole Stamatopoulos

Dr Kathleen Niven

Dr Nikhil Patravali 

Paediatrics  Dr Vishal Gupta 
Paediatric Surgery 2-16 yrs  Dr John Harvey 
Fertility Clinic  Dr Rabia Shaikh 

Download our Women and Children's Outpatient Clinic referral form (PDF)

Please send the completed referral via fax or email to:

Fax: 4734 3213


To organise an appointment please call Women & Children's Outpatients on 02 4734 2373

Referral Requirements and Pre Diagnosis

Must bring Medicare Card, referral letter, and any previous test results, reports and scans.

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to appointment time to check in at reception & update contact details if needed.

Clinic Days

Speciality Clinic Day(s) of Clinic  Time
Antenatal  Monday-Friday  8:45-4:00PM
Colposcopy  Wednesday and Thursday  1:30-3:30PM
Gynaecology  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  1:30-3:30PM
Fertility Clinic  Tuesday- fortnightly  1:30-3:30PM

Childbirth & Early Parenting Education Groups

Nepean Hospital offers a range of Childbirth & Early Parenting Groups to suit you and your support partner

6-Week Evening Courses

2-Saturday Groups

Cost: $150.00

Lactation Groups

Lactation Groups are held on alternative Mondays and Fridays from 10am-12pm

Cost: Free

How to book your group

Please visit or call Nepean Hospital Antenatal Clinic – 0 24734 2373 (Monday to Friday between 8:45am and 4:00pm) to check dates and availabilities.




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