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Nepean Parking And Public Transport

Nepean Multistory Carpark

Nepean Hospital has over 1,397 parking spaces available for patients, visitors and staff. Parking facilities are operated and managed by Secure Parking Pty Ltd in conjunction with Nepean Hospital Car Parking Administration. Campus parking facilities offer state of the art access controls and automatic pay systems for easy and convenient use by customers.

39 parking spaces across the Hospital are designated for people with disabilities which represents 2.8% of the total car parking provided by the Hospital in line with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Car parks are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

The multi-storey car park on the corner of Derby & Somerset Streets, Kingswood can be accessed from the roundabout at the intersection of Somerset and Hargrave Streets, Kingswood. From 10 December 2018, this car park will trial valet parking during peak times. Drivers can retrieve their cars at any time 24/7. Valet parking will not operate 21/12/18 to 06/01/19 during the Christmas/New Year period.

For appointments in West Block, patients and visitors may prefer to park in the visitor car park located outside West Block, entrance from Parker Street. Emergency parking is available outside the Emergency Department, entrance from Derby Street. 

Patients attending appointments in Cancer Care Centre can contact 4734 3500 regarding parking arrangements.

Car park Locations
Car Park Entrance
Multi-Storey Somerset Street
East Somerset Street
West Upper Parker Street
South Derby Street

Visitor Parking Casual Rates

Parking fees apply to all hospital car parks at the following rates and have been determined by the NSW Ministry of Health Hospital Car Park Fees Policy. Car Parking Fees are increased annually by the Ministry of Health based on the Consumer Price Index. 

Table of Fees
Duration Base Rate (incl. GST)
First 15 minutes Free
>15 mins - 1hr $6.70
>1hr - 2hr  $9.90  
>2hrs - 3hrs   $13.30  
>3hrs - 4hrs   $15.50  
>4hrs - 5hrs  $17.80  
>5hrs   $19.90  
Maximum daily fee  $19.90

Payment for parking must be made prior to returning to your car, at the designated pay stations located:

Multi- storey - ground floor opposite secure office,
East - left of entrance to car park,
South – left of entrance to car park,
West Upper - outside entrance to west block.

The pay station accepts credit cards, coins and notes up to $50, and provides change as required.

In the event that you are a regular visitor to the hospital and are having difficulty meeting the costs associated with parking, please contact Nepean Hospital car parking administration on 4734 4420.

Any vehicle that contravenes parking regulations or causes an obstruction, such as parking outside a marked bay, will be issued with an infringement.

Visitor Concession Rates

Concession rates are available for eligible visitors and patients when parked in a designated gated car park. Appropriate photo identification must be produced on each occasion to obtain a concession rate.
Eligible visitors are required to present their parking ticket with a valid concession card at the Secure Parking office located in the Multi-Storey car park, Patient Enquiries at South Block or Aged Care and Rehabilitation Reception Desk for validation, PRIOR to exiting the car park. 

Eligible concession cards:

  1. Holders of a RMS issued Mobility Parking Scheme Permit;
  2. Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card;
  3. Holders of a Gold Veterans Affairs Card;
  4. Ongoing cancer treatment patients;
  5. Patient and their carers who are required to attend the hospital/facility for a course of treatment over a period of time greater than one week;
  6. Patients and their carers attending more frequently than twice weekly, including carers of long term patients who visit frequently;
  7. Cardiac Rehabilitation education & exercise class attendees;
  8. Daily dressing outpatients;
  9. Health Promotion Education class attendees.

Appropriate identification must be produced on each occasion to obtain a concession rate.

For category (a) through (d) visitors and patients, identification must be in the form of the applicable RTA – issued or Government agency – issued permit or card.  

For category (e) visitors & patients, identification may be in the form of a Centrelink card.     

For category (f) through (i), visitors and patients should contact Car Park Administration on 4734 4420 or email on for further information regarding the process.


Nepean Parking Concessions    Download a PDF Information Sheet about Nepean Parking Concessions [PDF] 



Concession Rates
Duration Rates
0-3 hours Free
> 3hrs $5.50
3 day ticket  $11.10 - Frequent use allowing multiple entries and exits in a 3 day period
7 day ticket  $22.20 - Frequent use allowing multiple entries and exits in a 7 day period

Accessible Parking and Transport

Nepean Campus provides visitors with a number of areas where patients can be dropped off, as well as providing for accessible parking for people displaying their current RTA-issued Disabled Parking Permit.
Identification must be in the form of a Mobility Parking Permit or Australian Disability Parking Permit.

Public Transport

The community is encouraged to use public transport. Westbus 774, 775, 776 & 789 buses operate frequently and drop off at the front of the hospital and Kingswood station is a short walk from the hospital. Visitors can also contact a local taxi service as required.

Drop-Off Zones (no longer than 5 minutes)

Parking in drop-off zones is strictly prohibited

Entrance Location
Somerset Street East
Derby Street South
Parker Street West Upper

Accessible Parking

There are a number of free accessible parking areas located adjacent to each entry point of the hospital, which are utilised on a first come, first served basis.

Entrance Car Park Operating hours
Somerset Street North  24 hours / 7 days
Somerset Street East  24 hours / 7 days
Somerset Street Multi-Storey  24 hours / 7 days
Derby Street West Upper  24 hours / 7 days

Transit Lounge

The transit lounge is available for discharged patients who are waiting to be picked up by their carer or transport provider.  There is a 10-minute pick-up and drop-off time limit and no parking is allowed.

Entrance Building Floor Car Park Operating hours
Somerset Street East Block Main Entrance Level one pick up and drop off zone is located out the front of the building  Monday – Friday 8am – 4.30pm (excluding public holidays)
Parker Street West Block Level one pick up and drop off zone is located out the front of the building  Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm (excluding public holidays)

For assistance with concessions and disabled parking information, visit the parking office in the multi-storey car park or call the parking office on 4734 1575.


A PDF file of the Nepean Hospital Visitor Map (PDF) is available for viewing and download


The Nepean Hospital map is also available in 10 community languages:


Chinese simplified













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