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Lithgow Hospital imaging services expand

Lithgow Hospital is the first in Australia to install a new generation, low dose, x-ray machine which generates clearer images more quickly. The $700,000 x-ray machine and two new ultrasound machines are helping to deliver cutting-edge diagnostic services, locally, and when patients need it most.

Lithgow Hospital x-ray machine

Chief Radiographer at Lithgow Hospital, Michelle Bostock says the new x-ray machine is in use 24/7 for emergency scans and both the x-ray and ultrasound machines are available for non-urgent scans five days a week.

“The new equipment and staff recruitment means patients living in Lithgow and nearby can now easily get an appointment without travelling out of town,” says Ms Bostock.

Over 400 ultrasound scans and 1,200 general x-rays are performed at Lithgow Hospital each month.

The two new ultrasound machines have helped to dramatically reduce waiting times for non-urgent scans from several weeks to less than two days says Ms Bostock.

“The new x-ray machine, the first of its type installed in Australia, exposes patients to much lower doses of radiation while providing clearer images almost instantly. This means our patients spend less time getting their scans done and their doctors have the images often before the patient has left the x-ray room,” says Ms Bostock, who has been a radiographer at Lithgow Hospital for over 30 years.

Michelle Bostock

Michelle Bostock, Chief Radiographer

“Advances in imaging have been extraordinary and I’m proud our community can benefit from the latest technology at their local hospital.”

A contract with Alfred Imaging also provides local staff with a link to highly trained specialists based in Sydney for virtual consultations and reviews of digital scans.

“Patients receiving ultrasound or x-ray scans at Lithgow Hospital are receiving care equal to that offered by major hospitals in Sydney,” says Ms Bostock.

Up to 36 times a week, Lithgow Hospital’s ultrasound machines are also used to guide visiting specialists to perform biopsies, treat tendon and joint pain and conduct vascular procedures.

“We are using the latest equipment and highly skilled clinicians to give our patients and their doctors the best diagnostic services available,” says Ms Bostock.


24 October 2017

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