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Health Promotion Unit

Health Promotion


Health Promotion develops, implements and evaluates health promotion initiatives aiming to enhance the health of the population while reducing inequalities and inequities in health. Health Promotion also contributes to capacity building, policy development, systems advocacy as well as establishing and maintaining partnerships with other key organisations.

Health Promotion focuses on national and state priorities targeting healthy eating and weight, tobacco control, sexual health and falls prevention. Under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health the Health Promotion Unit will continue to deliver on programs under the Healthy Children’s Initiative as well as strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders within the Local Government Areas of Penrith, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Lithgow, to promote health and wellbeing for people living in our region.

Health Promotion works to create social and physical environments that promote healthy behaviours and provide people with accessible information and appropriate services to enable a healthier population and to address health inequities.

Health Promotion focuses on:       

  • Healthy Children’s Initiative
  • Healthy Weight
  • HIV and Related Programs
  • Tobacco Control
  • Sexual Health Promotion
  • Youth, Women’s and Men's Health
  • Falls Prevention

Recent Programs and Projects:

Get Healthy @ Work [PDF]

Get Healthy Coaching Service [PDF]

Health Children’s Initiative [PDF]

Project Whisper [PDF]

Smoke Free Dining [PDF]

Stepping On [PDF]

Talk soon, Talk often [PDF]

Munch & Move:

Live Life Well:

Aboriginal Tobacco Project:

Get Healthy:

Get Healthy at Work:

NSW Office of Preventive Health:

Make Healthy Normal:

Domestic Violence Poster [PDF]




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