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Emergency Management

The Nepean Blue Mountains Public Health Unit supports Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District and NSW Health Protection in prevention, preparation, responding to and recovering from emergency incidents.

Under the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act (1989), an emergency is defined as an emergency means an emergency due to an actual or imminent occurrence (such as fire, flood, storm, earthquake, explosion, terrorist act, accident, epidemic or warlike action) which:

(a)  endangers, or threatens to endanger, the safety or health of persons or animals in the State, or

(b)  destroys or damages, or threatens to destroy or damage, property in the State, or

(c)  causes a failure of, or a significant disruption to, an essential service or infrastructure,

being an emergency which requires a significant and co-ordinated response.

Emergency Management involves activities to plan for the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from a variety of natural and man-made emergencies that could impact on the heath of the public (eg. pandemics, toxic chemical incidents, floods, infectious diseases, bioterrorist events, etc.). The Nepean Blue Mountains Public Health Unit promotes training, planning, exercising, researching and publishing in Public Health Emergency Management.

The Nepean Blue Mountains Public Health Unit supported the emergency response for a number of incidents including:

  • 2016 Sydney CBD Legionnaires Disease Outbreak

  • 2013 Linksview and Statemine Bushfires

  • 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic

  • 2008 World Youth Day

  • 2007 Equine Influenza Outbreak

More information can be found at Nepean Blue Mountains Emergency Management website and NSW Health Emergency Management website.NSW Health Emergency Management website.






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