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Public Health provides support and advice to immunisation providers in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith areas in addition to implementing the NSW School Vaccination Program in our Local Health District.

The overall objectives of the Immunisation Program are to:

  • Maximise immunisation coverage rates for people of all ages and for all vaccines
  • Improve coverage for under immunised populations
  • Maintain cold chain for vaccine storage and viable vaccines
  • Continue and progress the school based immunisation program
  • Ensure resources are allocated where they are required
  • Identify problem areas and approaches to deal with these problems
  • Provide education and support to immunisation providers

Immunisation Coverage Rates

Vaccine coverage rates for children can be found on the NSW Health website

NSW Vaccines

The recommended vaccination schedule for NSW residents can be found on the NSW Health Immunisation page - NSW Immunisation Schedule


Public Childhood Vaccination Clinics

Most general practitioners in the area offer childhood vaccinations. There are also several regular public vaccination clinics for children. These clinics are staffed by Registered Nurses authorised to provide immunisation. There is no cost to attend public clinics, and a Medicare card is not necessary.

Public Childhood Vaccination Clinics Schedule
Location Download Schedule
Hawkesbury  Link to Hawkesbury Community Health Immunisation Clinics 4560 5714
Blue Mountains Link to Blue Mountain's Community Health Immunisation Clinics 4751 0100
Lithgow Link to Lithgow Community Health Immunisation Clinics 6350 2750

School Vaccination Program

NSW Health works with educational authorities to offer students vaccinations recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The school-based vaccination program has grown significantly in size and complexity, including in the number of vaccines offered.

The school immunisation teams visit each of the 54 high schools in Nepean Blue Mountains on 3 occasions each year to administer these vaccines.

The following vaccines will be offered to high school students in 2019:

School Vaccination Program 2019
Vaccine Number of Doses
School Year
Diphtheria,Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) (dTpa) 1 Year 7  All students
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)   2

Year 7  

All students

 Meningococcal ACWY 1 Year 10 All students
    • School vaccination is only available to students who have a signed consent form and who commence the vaccine course while they’re in Year 7 or Year 10.
    • Year 7 students who have commenced HPV vaccination in Year 7 and have not completed the course can receive catch up doses at any time in Year 8, preferably within 12 months of commencement of the course. Every effort  is made to ensure students are vaccinated in school clinics however where this is not possible, free catch up vaccination is available at the GP.
    • Year 7 students who have missed the dTpa vaccination can only receive the free vaccine whilst they are in Year 7. If vaccination is not possible, free catch up vaccination is available at the GP for children aged 10-19 years.

    School Immunisation Records

    For enquires regarding school immunisation records please contact Public Health on 47342022.

    Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI)

    See the Australian Immunisation Handbook for definitions and response to adverse events after immunisation. Immunisation providers can contact the NSW Specialist immunisation Service (NSWISS) on 1800 679 477 for clinic advice and support on immunisation for patients with complex or unusual medical backgrounds or have had an adverse event following immunisation.

    Immunisation providers are required to report suspected adverse events by phone to Public Health.

    Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network

    The purpose of the Nepean-Blue Mountains Primary Health Network (PHN) Immunisation Program is to provide relevant and timely support to primary health care immunisation providers and to appropriately promote immunisation benefits to communities in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith areas.

    PHN provides immunisation support to General Practices to maintain and/or improve local childhood immunisation rates to greater than 90%. 

    Catch-up Immunisation Request Form for GP's

    Detailed instructions for planning catch-ups are in the Australian Immunisation Handbook. If you require assistance from Public Health to plan a catch up, please complete the Vaccination Catch Up Schedule Form and fax it to Public Health  and someone will contact you.

    Prior to planning a catch-up it’s preferable to obtain a written history of any vaccines given in the past.  The World Health Organization website has information about the recommended schedule in each country that may assist in determining which vaccines have been given.


    Travel Vaccinations

    GPs wishing to provide Yellow Fever vaccination must meet the minimum requirement set out in the National Guidelines for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres. The Yellow Fever Centre application package can be found here or contact Public Health for more information.

    The Immunisation team does not provide travel advice to individuals. People travelling overseas are strongly advised to consult either their local doctor, or a specialist travel doctor.

    The World Health Organization and the US Center for Diseases Control have up-to-date information on vaccination requirements and health precautions for all countries.

    People bitten by mammals overseas may need to complete a course of rabies vaccine on return to Australia. For advice on vaccine requirements and to obtain free post exposure vaccine please contact Public Health

    Bat Bites & Scratches

    Any bite or scratch from a bat in Australia should be assessed for the risk of Australian Bat Lyssavirus. The key first aid step is to thoroughly clean the wound and apply an antiseptic solution such as povidone-iodine. Contact Public Health (or public health on call officer via Nepean Switch for advice on management and to obtain immunoglobulin and vaccine.

    Workforce and Training

    Public Health provides annual training opportunities for accredited nurse immunisers, practice nurses and general practitioners. For further information in regards to the annual immunisation update please contact Public Health.

    Presentations from the 2018 Immunisation update are now available here.

    Immunisation Update 2018

    NBM Report Card 2018

    Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation

    The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance's (NCIRS) presentation on 'National Immunisation Program Schedule Changes' is available on the NCIRS website.

    For Further Information and Resources


    Australian Immunisation Register

    Cold chain breach reporting form

    Immunisation Myths and Realities: About Immunisation

    Immunise Australia Program

    MMR Decision Aid

    National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance

    NSW Immunisation Programs

    NSW Multicultural Health Communication




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