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Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Diseases Team carries out a wide range of activities related to the surveillance, investigation and control of infectious diseases. Notifications of disease are received from doctors, laboratories, hospitals, schools and childcare centres. We also respond to complaints from the public concerning significant risks to public health.

Notification of diseases allows our staff to work with other health workers to ensure appropriate public health measures are taken, preventing further spread of disease, and to identify a disease source.  The Infectious Diseases Team also provides information to doctors, childcare centres, schools and members of the community on public health aspects of infectious diseases, childhood and adult immunisation, guidelines for exclusion from childcare, school or work and medications and treatments when necessary.

Current Alerts

Notifying Infectious Diseases

Doctors, hospitals, schools, childcare centres are required to report certain infectious diseases to the Public Health Unit.  Lists of notifiable diseases and notification forms are available on the NSW Health website.

Individuals can also report outbreaks of infectious diseases that they are concerned about directly to the Public Health Unit.

Incidence Rates of Infectious Diseases

The most recent infectious diseases data are available on the NSW Health website.




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