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This webpage provides information for patients, NBMLHD staff, general practitioners and community health staff in relation to the Telehealth and Technology Centre. This tab provides general information for all areas of the community, while the tabs above provide targeted information for each group. Use the video call buttons to the right to quickly access any consultation you have scheduled.

Our Mission

At the Telehealth and Technology Centre, we are driven to make healthcare more accessible. Our emphasis is on the development of telehealth technology as a step towards improving communication and enhancing the quality and access to services for you, our local population. We want to make telehealth technology an everyday part of life, available when you need it so we can better look after your health and wellbeing.

"There is good evidence that if we reduce the [door-to-needle] time so that we can do early thrombolysis that, eventually, we will reduce the disability associated with a stroke and subsequently less time spent in hospital ... and the rehabilitation outcomes will be much better."
Dr Mohamed Shaffi, Staff Specialist, Neurology, Nepean Hospital


In addition to the below awards, achievements and recognitions, we have also disseminated research findings through international publications and telehealth related events, including a Guest Editorial for an IEEE Journal. 

2018 Joining the DOT’s: Enabling Quality TB Care - Chief Executive Award 2018 - See video here
2017 Highly Commended for Telepsychiatry at the 2017 NBMLHD Quality Awards
2017 Development of Agreement with ACI and Vulsen Technologies on NSW Wide rollout for Home Haemodialysis Remote Patient Monitoring System; this ACI support is from the project winning the NSW Secretary of Health Award 2016
2017 Implementation of Telehealth in TB service
2017 Implementation of Telehealth in Nepean Blue Mountains Family Metabolic Health Service
2017 Implementation of Telehealth in CNC Heart Failure service
2017 Development of Telehealth model in COPD service – For implementation July 2018
2017 Development of the Public Health Notifiable Disease Electronic Reporting System – awaiting testing
2017 Development of Predictive Modelling Tool for Ministry of Health project on ‘Checkpoint’
2017 Participation on NSW Telehealth Strategic Advisory Group
2017 Participation on NSW Telehealth Strategic Advisory Group Workgroups:
Digital Infrastructure Workgroup
Education and Training Workgroup
2017 Participation in NSW review of Telehealth Activity and member of the Project Group. The group had the MoH and ACI engage an external consultancy company Emerson Health
2017 Implementation of Pexip platform
2017 Extensive testing of the Pexip and Skype for Business Integration with NBMLHD Video Conferencing Units to support the eHealth implementation
2017 Participated in the ANZICU Datathon, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, ANZICU, ACI, and industry partners
2017 Research Publication:
Changes in User Perceptions of a Telemedicine System Over Time: From Initial Implementation to Everyday Use’. Published in Telemedicine and e-Health
Remote Monitoring Systems for Chronic Patients on Home Hemodialysis: Field Test of a Copresence-Enhanced Design’. Published in JMIR Human Factors 4 (3)
Remote Monitoring Systems for Chronic Patients on Home Hemodialysis: Field Test of a Copresence-Enhanced Design’ Published in Journal of telemedicine and telecare 23 (1), 26-35
2016 NSW Health Secretary Award at the 18th Annual NSW Health Awards
2016 Finalist in the Bob Leece Transforming Health Award at the 18th Annual NSW Health Awards
2016 NBMLHD Bob Leece Transforming Health Award
2015 Ministry of Health Integrated Care Planning and Innovation Fund proposal
2015 WSLHD Chair of the Board Award for Innovation and Excellence
2015 NBMLHD Integrated HealthCare Award
2015 NBMLHD Board Reward and Recognition Program - Innovation
2015 Invited to present at the Transitioning to an Integrated Health Service Conference
2015 Invited to present at the Health Roundtable Innovations Workshop and Awards
2015 Finalist in the Innovation Category WSLHD Quality Awards
2014 Invited to present at the Annual NSW Health Innovation Symposium
2014 Hosted Nepean Blue Mountains Telehealth Symposium

Our Team

Provide telehealth technology to enhance patient care and experience by innovatively bringing patients in contact with specialists and skilled health professionals over a distance, with patient safety and privacy continuing to be of the utmost importance. The telehealth team provide vital knowledge for the successful implementation of telehealth initiatives and ensure that patient care remains the priority.

Tanya Baldacchino
Manager, District Telehealth Program
Brooke Saxby
Telehealth Project Officer
Tracy Mullavey
Telehealth Project Officer

Our Leadership Group provides executive oversight of all Telehealth initiatives within Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. The purpose of the centre is to foster and pilot clinician-sponsored telehealth models of care, for the purposes of providing health services to patients who live in regional and rural areas in NSW. The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District has placed an emphasis on the development of telehealth technology as a step towards improving communication and enhancing the quality and access to services to our local population. All the telehealth initiatives at the Telehealth and Technology Centre have research as a key objective to measure and disseminate the best practices developed and implemented. The centre aims to broaden the repertoire of clinician sponsored telehealth models of care as well as to expand and embed existing telehealth initiatives undertaken across the NBMLHD.

Kym Scanlon
Director of Planning NBMLHD
Professor Mohamed Khadra
Associate Professor Jinman Kim
Research Director

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to someone about Telehealth in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District, please contact the Telehealth Team on (02) 4734 4735.

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Our Hospitals

Hospitals are located throughout the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. Please click here to see information about each of our sites.

Telehealth allows us to also connect to patients, in specific circumstances, at a distance. This reduces travel times, costs and hassles, making for a much more fulfilling experience.

"Talking to the doctors [is] a fantastic arrangement ... with the tablet and having that ability to do that so easily, without having to even go to the hospital."
Patient of Nepean Outreach Service

Factsheets and Brochures

Telehealth Outpatient Factsheet


At the Telehealth and Technology Centre, we facilitate telehealth solutions for a range of GP & community health services within the region. This enables us to extend the reach and benefits of telehealth for health services and workers as well as for patients.

"It’s not just positive from a staff perspective where we have more involvement with the consultation process, but it’s certainly a fantastic benefit and a great improvement for our residents and the care that we provide ... it just gives a greater quality of life."
Di Hudson, Service Manager West, United Care Ageing, Edinglasse Village
General Resources
Healthdirect Troubleshooting Checklist
Aged Care Facility Resources
Telehealth for Aged Care VACS Brochure
Healthdirect Patient Instructions
Procedure for documenting a Telehealth Consultation


The following resources are provided for staff of the NBMLHD. The resources are available through the NBMLHD intranet. Please ensure you are on an appropriate device with relevant login details.

Click here to access the resources.

"The treatment data that [the patients] enter [in the app] are reflected in my computer in real time so if they’re having some concerns or questions they can just ring me and say ‘hey can you just open up your screen and look at my treatment data'"
Mary Ann Nicdao, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Regional Dialysis Centre, Blacktown

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