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NBMLHD "Breastfeeding How-To" App

The NBMLHD Breastfeeding How-To app is easily accessible in Android and iOS app stores.  Just search for ’Breastfeeding How-To’ in your relevant store or follow the links below. 

The app is the perfect tool to learn more about breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or your partner is pregnant, you can enter your due date to get relevant alerts, now and once your baby is born based on age and development.

The app includes:

  • Short videos on a great range of topics:
    • Why Breastfeed?
    • Preparing to Breastfeed
    • Skin-to-Skin Contact
    • Tips on How to Breastfeed
    • How Often Do Babies Breastfeed?
    • Is My Baby Getting Enough?
    • What Can My Partner Do?
    • Breastfeeding Multiples
    • Breastfeeding at Work
    • Breastfeeding in Public
    • Challenges
    • Expressing
    • Introducing Family Solids
  • NBMLHD Resources (see information NBMLHD Postnatal Breastfeeding Video and Infant Feeding Resources)
  • Links to other relevant resources:
    • Australian Breastfeeding Association
    • Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand - Find a Lactation Consultant
    • Mothersafe (Medication safety when pregnant/breastfeeding) [WWW]
    • Raising Children
    • Global Health Media Breastfeeding and Small Baby Videos
    • COPE (Support for Parenting Emotional Challenges)
    • PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia)
    • SKAI (Immunisation information)
    • Lifeblood Milk (Donating breast milk)


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Thursday, 25 June 2020 1:43:13 PM