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Nepean Hospital Birth Unit

Contact Information
Telephone: 4734 2295
4734 3610

Level 2, South Block

Nepean Hospital

Map Reference G-H:12
Download a map of the Nepean Hospital campus
Best Parking We recommend parking in the Multi-Story Car Park
Entry via Sommerset Street
Street Address

Nepean Hospital
Derby Street, Kingswood
NSW 2747

Postal Address PO Box 63, Penrith, NSW 2751
Hours of Operation
(Service Hours)

Birth Unit: 24 hours 
Fetal Maternal Assessment Unit: 8am-4.30pm, 7 days

After Hours Contact Instructions  If you are planning to come into Birth Unit, please call first so we can be prepared for your arrival. This service is similar to an emergency department, so you will be seen in order of urgency.
After Hours Access

After 9.00pm, access is via the After Hours Access located near Security on Level 2, opposite the Emergency Department.

Use the intercom located to the left of the After Hours Access door and speak to Security.

When the intercom is answered, please identify yourself and state who you are visiting and which ward or department.
Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Hand hygiene is one important factor in preventing hospital infections.

You can also help by performing hand hygiene as you enter and leave a healthcare facility and when visiting a ward.

Hand hygiene stations are located on every ward and throughout Nepean Hospital.

We encourage any visitors or support people who are unwell to remain at home, so as to protect our mothers and newborns

About the Birth Unit

Nepean Hospital Birth Unit provides a quality service offering a range of childbirth options.

Women come to the Birth Unit for labour and birth care, assessment and management of pregnancy concerns after 20 weeks gestation.

Birth Unit offers 24hr expert telephone advice for pregnancy related concerns. You will be provided with advice and referred to the most appropriate service to seek care. This may include the Birth Unit, your GP, the Emergency Department, Antenatal Clinic or your antenatal care provider.

Our birthing rooms have fit balls, mats, heat packs and showers available to facilitate upright active labour and birthing. Some rooms include baths. We do offer warm perineal compress and water births, please discuss with your antenatal care provider and Birth Unit midwife to see if this is an option for you. We encourage women to have one or two support people to provide support for them during labour and birth.

Our Fetal Maternal Assessment Unit (FMAU) is co-located next to Birth Unit. Occasionally complications may arise during pregnancy which call for closer monitoring of mother and baby. The FMAU provides this closer observation, without the need for admission into hospital.

The mother may spend up to five hours in the FMAU, where her condition and that of her baby are closely monitored by an experienced midwife. The information gathered assists the medical staff, along with the mother, to plan her ongoing pregnancy management.

Birth Unit Tour

Every Sunday we offer an option of a Birth Unit tour, commencing at 3pm. On occasions due to high activity, the Birth Unit may be full and we will not have rooms available to show you. Please ring Birth Unit on Sunday at 2pm, to confirm if the tour will go ahead or not. This will help to prevent disappointment or unnecessarily presenting to the Birth Unit.

Related Services

Nepean hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialist and pregnancy related services including:

  • Social Work
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officers
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Genetic Services
  • Interpreter services
  • Perinatal Ultrasound
  • Obesity Service
  • Childbirth Education
  • Lactation consultants and breastfeeding support
  • Diabetes Service
  • Obstetric Medicine Specialists
  • Drug and Alcohol support


Key Staff Contact Details
Position Telephone / Email
Midwifery Unit Manager 4734 2295
Clinical Midwifery Unit Manager  4734 2295




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