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Nepean Hospital Children's Ward (Paediatrics)

Contact Information
Telephone: 4734 2208
4734 3610

Level 3, South Block

Nepean Hospital

Map Reference G-H:12
Map [PDF]
Best Parking We recommend parking in the Multi-Story Car Park
Entry via Sommerset Street
Parking information
Street Address

Nepean Hospital
Derby Street, Kingswood
NSW 2747

Postal Address PO Box 63, Penrith, NSW 2751
Hours of Operation
(Service Hours)

24 hours

 Visiting Hours 10.00am – 8.00pm
 Quiet Rest Time – 1.00pm – 3.00pm
After Hours Access

For parents who are staying overnight with their child, access after 9.00pm is via the After Hours Access located near Security on Level 2, opposite the Emergency Department.

Use intercom located to the left of the After Hours Access door and speak to Security.

When the intercom is answered, please identify yourself and state who you are visiting and which ward or department.
Hand Hygiene and Infection Control Hand hygiene is one important factor in preventing hospital infections.
You can also help by performing hand hygiene as you enter and leave a healthcare facility and when visiting a ward.
Hand hygiene stations are located on every ward and throughout Nepean Hospital.

About the Children's Ward

Our Children’s Ward offers up to 24 beds with a friendly, specialised Paediatric team. We care for children from age 0 to their 16th Birthday with general medical, general surgical and orthopaedic needs.

We have a purpose made paediatric friendly treatment room, a play room for children and a Child Life Therapist available for our inpatients.

Our services also extend to our Paediatric Ambulatory Short Stay Unit (PASS) which consists of a child friendly environment for those children requiring a short stay for observation.

The Paediatric Division provides a number of specialised clinics including:

  • Preadmission Clinic – designed to prepare children for booked elective surgery
  • PARC (Paediatric Acute Review Clinic) – designed to allow discharge from Emergency and/or the Children’s ward and follow up the next day within this service
  • diabetic, allergy, growth and development clinics.

For all enquires phone 4734 2208

Key Staff Contact Details
Position/Section Telephone
NUM Children's Ward 4734 2208
Paediatric CNC 4734 2208
 Paediatric CNE 4734 2208 




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