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Useful Links

External websites:

Please note we are not responsible for the content on external sites. Including a link on this page does not mean that we endorse the site.
Immunisations for Mum and Baby
 Covid 19
 National Immunisation Program Schedule
 Whooping Cough (Petussis)
 Talking about immunisation for mothers and babies
Community Health
 Use this map to find your local NSW Child and Family Health Nursing Service
 Primary Health Nepean Blue Mountains
 Greater Western Aboriginal Health Service
 Maternal, Child and Family Health
Newborn Care
 Sydney Children’s Hospital Information Sheets
 Sydney Children’s Hospital JAUNDICE information sheet
 Babies and Children in HOT weather
 Newborn Screening Test
 Hearing screening for infants
 Baby health record (blue book)
 Baby bundle
 Vitamin K for Babies
 Safe Sleeping
 RED nose
Pregnancy and Birth
 Using the birth room - Nepean Hospital
 Pain relief in labour – Nepean Hospital
 Patient’s journey through caesarean surgery – Nepean Hospital
 Having a baby book [PDF]
 Pregnancy, Birth and Baby
 Oral iron choices for Maternity
 The last few weeks of pregnancy are important for your baby's health and development
 Get Healthy in Pregnancy
 Safer Baby Bundle
 Safer Baby Bundle- Quit smoking
 Safer Baby Bundle- Monitor your Baby's Growth
 Safer baby Bundle- Movements matter
 Safer Baby Bundle- Going to sleep on your side from 28 weeks
 Safer baby Bundle- Timing of Birth
 Cervidil Induction of labour [PDF]
 Important Information for Rh(D) negative women- Prevention of Haemlytic Disease of the Newborn [PDF]
 You and Your Baby- Important information for Rh (D) negative Women [PDF]
 Safe sleep for babies
 Strong Women Strong Babies Pregnancy Diary [PDF]
 This short video discusses your baby’s movements [YouTube]
 Raising Children Network
 Play group NSW
 Parentline- Helpline 1300130052
 Parenting resources Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Resources
 Tresiliian Family Care Services
 Parenting Resources
 Top Parenting Websites
 SMS for dads/Focus on new Fathers
Safety at home
 Safety for Kids
 First Aid
 Kids Health (
 resus4kids CPR Training for Parents
 Calmbirth Classes
 Book Calmbirth Classes at Nepean Hospital
Mental Health Help
 Centre of Perinatal Excellence
 A guide for dads: Caring for your family during perinatal mental illness
 Mental health services
 PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia
 Australian Breastfeeding Association
 Red Cross Milk Bank
 NBMLHD "Breastfeeding How-To" App




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