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Women and Children's Health Services at Nepean Hospital

Nepean Hospital Maternity Care

We are a level 6 maternity unit providing care to women including those identified at risk. We assist with more than 4000 births per year.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours vary between units. Generally, the visiting hours won’t be outside of 8am-8pm unless you are the main support person. Please speak with a Nurse or Midwife about visiting hours for that specific area.

Antenatal Care

We have an antenatal clinic and a 26 bed Antenatal/Gynaecology ward – Building A Level 9 (A9D).

Our antenatal ward (inpatient ward) comprises of a limited number of single rooms and double rooms. The ward cares for antenatal women with complex medical needs during pregnancy and with gynaecological patients. Our specialist midwifery and nursing staff assist women through this time with their needs.

The antenatal clinic cares for women during their pregnancy journey. We offer several different options for antenatal care in pregnancy, these include GP shared care; Caseload Midwifery; Obstetric Led Care and Midwifery Led Care.

We recommend that you contact the hospital at 10 weeks of pregnancy to arrange for your first appointment for your antenatal care. At this visit we will complete a comprehensive assessment of your medical history and discuss care options with you.
For bookings for the Antenatal Clinic phone: 02 4734 2373

Go to our Antenatal and Gynaecology Ward page

Birth Unit

Our birth unit provides a quality service offering a range of childbirth options. Our Midwives and Obstetricians work together to provide optimal care for labour and birth. We have 18 Birthing rooms all with ensuite facilities. We encourage women to have one or two support people to provide support for them during labour and birth.
For enquiries phone 02 4734 2295

Go to our Birth Unit page.

Women’s Acute Assessment Unit (WAAU)

For any pregnancy concerns including onset of labour, women can contact the Women’s Acute Assessment Unit (WAAU) for telephone advice 24 hours a day. From this consult they may be asked to present to the WAAU for further assessment where they will be seen by a Midwife and/or a Doctor and a plan of care or follow up will be made. If a woman is labouring, they will be transferred to Birth Unit.

Access for this unit is via main hospital entrances and for urgent access only (if birth is imminent) please present to Somerset Street entrance, Building A for access.

Childbirth & Early Parenting Classes

Providing information and choices throughout pregnancy, birth and the early months of parenting. We offer classes weeknights and Saturdays for over 20’s and a week day class for young parents under 20. Due to covid, these are currently being held online.

For bookings please contact phone: 02 4734 2373

Children's Ward (Paediatrics)

Our Paediatric Ward offers up to 24 beds with a friendly specialised dedicated Paediatric team. We care for Children with general medical, general surgical and orthopaedic needs. We have a purpose made Paediatric pain friendly treatment room, a playroom for children and a play therapist available for our inpatients.

The Paediatric division also provides specialised clinics including: Preadmission, diabetic, food challenges, growth and development clinics.

For all enquires phone 02 4734 2208

Go to our Children's Ward page.

Fetal Maternal Assessment Unit (FMAU)

Located in Building A Level 8 (A8C postnatal/maternity ward) the fetal maternal assessment unit provides additional assessments of women in the antenatal period who have increased medical needs. This may be a planned day stay visit or an unplanned visit for women if there are medical concerns for themselves or their unborn baby. We have 6 assessment beds in this area.

We operate Monday- Fridays, 8.00am -4.30pm.

Gynaecology Care

Acute Gynaecology assessment service provides clinics through our Women and Children’s Health outpatient department Monday to Friday.

For enquiries and bookings please contact: 02 4734 2373

Nepean Newborn Services

Nepean Newborn Services admits between 900 to 1000 newborns per year, approximately 10% of these being under 30 weeks gestation at birth. The unit has 11 level 3 beds (intensive care ventilation) and 25 level 2 beds (high dependency and special care).

The unit provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive specialty care to newborn infants with a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions, including extremely premature infants born as early as 24 weeks gestation.

Parents are encouraged to be active in their baby’s care. However, due to the special needs of all the newborns we care for within the unit, some restrictions apply regarding visiting. Parents are welcome to visit at any time.

For enquiries phone: 02 4734 2850

Go to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) page.

Perinatal Ultrasound

This department provides an ultrasound service for obstetric and gynaecological patients within the NBMLHD. The Department performs approximately 14000 scans annually using high resolution 2D, 3D and 4Dimaging.

The following Obstetric services are available:1st Trimester Dating/Viability scans; 1st Trimester Nuchal Translucency Screening; 18-20 week Morphology Scans; Third Trimester Growth Scans; Tertiary Referrals.

Perinatal Ultrasound provides Prenatal Testing services including: Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS); Amniocentesis; Counselling for NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing).

Gynaecological imaging is also available including: Transabdominal/Transvaginal pelvic ultrasounds; Sonohysterography; HyCoSy- for the investigation of infertility.

Operating hours are 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

For an appointment phone: 02 4734 2578

Go to our  Perinatal Ultrasound page.

Maternity Care

We have a 42 bed Maternity unit. Our dedicated Maternity team are here to provide support and care after the birth of your baby.

Women stay between 4 and 24 hours after a normal vaginal birth; and 48 hours after a caesarean birth.

Upon discharge from the hospital, we offer women midwifery at home if they live within the Nepean Hospital local government area. If they live outside of this area we offer follow up care at the hospital.

For enquiries phone: 02 4734 2311

Go to our Postnatal Unit page.

Women and Children’s Outpatients Department

The Women and Children’s Outpatients Department cares for women during their pregnancy journey.

We recommend that you contact the hospital at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy to arrange for your first appointment for your antenatal care. At this visit we will complete a comprehensive assessment of your medical and obstetric history and discuss care options for your pregnancy.

We offer several options for antenatal care in pregnancy, these include GP shared care; Caseload Midwifery; Midwifery Group Practice, Obstetric Led Care and Midwifery Led Care with an option for outreach community midwives clinics. We offer some midwife clinics out of hours.

Other services available include counselling with a psychologist, mental health and drug & alcohol services for pregnant women. The Nepean Blue Mountains Obesity Service, which includes the OPAL Clinic for pregnant women, is also available. Woman attending the OPAL Clinic have access to a midwife, obstetrician, dietitian, physiotherapy and psychologists.

For bookings for the Antenatal Clinic phone: 02 4734 2373

Other Hospitals and Services

For information specific to your hospital visit the Women and Children's Health pages for:

Blue Mountains Hospital

Lithgow Hospital

Nepean Hospital

We also have information about State Wide Infant Screening - Hearing (SWISH)




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